Well-thought-out catalogue

It is hard to make a clear and interesting product catalogue that will be a great tool for a salesperson. This is because it is common for companies to outsource the development of sales catalogues without any experience in sales. Even if they have interesting products, they don’t know how the sale is done in practice, they have no contact with distributors. They make a big mistake by not working with salespersons to develop what is, after all, the most important tool in their job. In the case of Plastrol’s product catalogue, you can see that all of these factors played together perfectly.

Let’s start with the table of contents and divide the catalog into sections containing specific product bases. Everything is very clearly laid out here. So we have sections dedicated to premium products with the KEL brand logo, we have a whole section dedicated to sockets and extension cords. The next section includes electro-installation materials used by, among others, construction companies and developed specifically for them. Even a student entering the sales industry will know where to find the right product after opening the table of contents. The same applies to the section related to sockets and switches, distribution enclosures or trays. You can see that the authors of the catalogue, colloquially speaking, know this industry inside out and knew well what they wanted to achieve

The following pages are even better. The technical data for each product is clearly laid out. There is literally everything a customer would want to know. To put it another way – with this information, the salesperson will be able to quickly answer any questions a customer may ask. Each product has a barcode, just point the reader and you will know immediately if the product is in stock in the store or wholesale.

And that great iconography, developed in a very aesthetic, unobtrusive way, so that it does not obscure the great product photos, which capture the appearance of the products very faithfully. Beautiful graphic work, which should be appreciated not only by the salesperson, but also by the customer who will order products on the Internet. The package will have exactly what a customer saw in the catalogue.

Print quality is also excellent, on excellent quality paper. It is evident that Plastrol’s marketing department did not look for compromise solutions. They chose the best options on the market, recognising that the customer should be respected and taken seriously so that the catalogue, although it will be updated from time to time, can serve for years to come.

By the way, I did a test on a friend who is finishing construction of a house in a raw condition. He’s about to install the systems, even though he knows nothing about electricity. I gave him the catalogue and…it swallowed him like an interesting book. He says that there are things he did not know about before.

And one more very important piece of information. The catalogue is also available online.

See the classic version of the catalogue

You can also view our product range electronically on our website.