Warranty terms and conditions – a must-read

All products offered by us come with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects as well as malfunctions which occur during the warranty period (if they are the manufacturer’s fault). We provide free repair and part replacement, and if repair is not possible – replacement of the entire product.

Warranty is given on the following terms and conditions:

Given by the Seller – P.W.U-H PLASTROL, ul. Pocztowa 16, 64-918 Lotyń, NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 7671002076, Regon [National Official Business Register Number]: 570154240, kontakt@plastrol.pl, phone number: +48 67 211 97 20 (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller” or “Warrantor”).

  1. The sold goods and products may be covered by a Seller's, manufacturer's or importer's warranty. Goods covered by a manufacturer's or importer's warranty are not subject to these Seller's warranty terms and conditions and may be serviced at authorised service centres specified by the manufacturer or importer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty card issued by the manufacturer or importer.
  2. The Seller declares that goods are protected by a warranty by placing a statement to that effect on the proof of purchase.The warranty is valid for 24 months of the date of purchase.
  3. The warranty is valid for 24 months of the date of purchase.
  4. The warranty period starts on the day the goods are released to the Buyer.
  5. The warranty is valid only within Poland.
  6. Under the warranty, the Warrantor undertakes to remedy, free of charge, any physical defects of the goods (to repair the goods). If repair proves impossible or entails excessive difficulties or costs, the Warrantor may offer to:
    1. replace the goods with identical goods, or, if that is not possible, with goods whose functional parameters are at least equal to those of the replaced product,
    2. refund the price paid for the goods.
  7. Warranty covers physical defects present in the goods at the time of their release to the Buyer and discovered during the Warranty period referred to in item 4.
  8. The warranty does not cover:
    1. defects and faults caused by mechanical damage and external factors, including chemical, thermal and related to magnetic fields,
      • defects and faults caused by any liquid being spilled on the goods,
      • defects and faults caused by deliberate damage to the equipment,
      • defects and faults caused by using, storing, transporting, cleaning or maintaining the goods in an improper manner or in a manner inconsistent with the manual or other documentation,
      • defects and faults caused by using the goods in a manner inconsistent with safety rules and regulations,
      • defects and faults caused by installation or assembly performed by the Buyer, other user of the goods or another third party in an improper manner or in a manner inconsistent with the manual,
      • defects and faults caused by delivering the goods to the Warrantor without the original packaging or without a safe packaging (cardboard box, polystyrene forms, foils, hard drives in metalized anti-electrostatic foil, boxes protected by sponge or polystyrene, etc.),
    2. Defects in the goods discovered during the warranty period will be remedied by the Warrantor within 14 business days of the date on which a due complaint is made in accordance with the Warrantor's rules and the goods are delivered to the Warrantor.
  9. In case repair proves impossible, a defect is discovered by the Warrantor's service, the goods must be sent to the manufacturer or parts necessary for repair must be ordered, this deadline may be extended, but cannot be in any event longer than 3 months. The Warrantor will inform the Buyer if the deadline is extended and if the goods are sent to the manufacturer.
  10. Repair under the warranty does not include actions specified in the operating or installation manual, which the Buyer or other users of the goods are obliged to perform on their own and at their own expense, such as equipment installation and maintenance.
  11. Parts and elements of the goods as well as equipment replaced by the Warrantor become the Warrantor's property.
  12. The Buyer should report all defects of/faults in/damage to the goods within 14 days of discovering that defect/fault/damage; the Warrantor may refuse to carry out its obligations under the warranty if said deadline is not met.
    • The Buyer should carefully examine the goods which are the subject of the complaint and describe the type of the defect/fault/damage in a complaint form.
  13. The Buyer should send the goods together with the complaint form and a copy of the proof of purchase to the place where the goods were handed over when the warranty was given or by postal or courier service to: P.W.U-H PLASTROL, ul. Pocztowa 16, 64-918 Lotyń. Please do not send original documentation as the Service does not return sent documents.
  14. The goods should be delivered clean and complete in the original packaging or in a safe packaging (cardboard box, polystyrene forms, foils, boxes protected by sponge or polystyrene, etc.) protecting the goods against damage, together with all accessories (e.g. cables).
  15. The goods should be collected within 14 days of the date on which the Buyer is informed that the Warrantor has completed the actions under the warranty. If the goods are not collected within that deadline, the Warrantor will set in writing an additional deadline of 14 days of the date on which the notification is delivered for the Buyer to collect the goods. If that additional deadline expires without a response from the Buyer, the Seller is entitled to charge a fee for non-contractual storage of goods. This fee is 5% of the rate currently applicable at the place of storage for each 1 m2 of warehouse area occupied by the goods. The fee is calculated in proportion to the number of days the goods are stored.
  16. Together with the goods, the Buyer will receive a Confirmation of Receipt of Goods from Repair under Warranty, which constitutes the basis for extending the warranty period by the time taken to repair or replace the goods.
  17. If the goods are sent back to the Buyer via a postal or courier service, please observe the following procedure:
    • upon receipt, check the condition of the package in the presence of the courier. Each package should be sealed with a tape bearing the Plastrol logo. If that is not the case, it means that
    • should you notice any damage to the packaging, unpack the package in the presence of the courtier and, if the contents are damaged, prepare an appropriate report together with the courier,
    • if, after the courier has left, you find that the contents are damaged despite no signs of damage to the packaging, prepare a shipping damage report, indicating: description of the damage, shipping document no., date of delivery; send the report to the local branch of the courier company which performed the service, and its copy by e-mail to reklamacje@plastrol.pl
  18. The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the Buyer's rights as a consumer stemming from provisions on the implied warranty for defects in a sold item.