Ordering process

Orders can be placed through the B2B shop, by phone at 661 807 770 or 67 2660420 during a visit of the Regional Manager or by email at kontakt@plastrol.pl

If you have an account in the B2B shop, you can prepare an offer yourself by adding products to the cart, or you can submit an inquiry to the customer service by e-mail at kontakt@plastrol.pl or by phone on +48 66 180 77 70 or +48 67 266 04 20

As a new customer, you should contact your Regional Manager in order to determine commercial terms and conditions. Information on how to contact RM are in the Contact tab

Minimum delivery requirement is 1000 PLN net after agreed discount.

The online ordering process

Yes, to be able to place an order in the online shop you must have an account.

You select a login and password when you register your account on the b2b platform.

It is not possible to log in to the online shop without registration, in any case a registration is required which is followed by setting a login and password.

Your account at Plastrol website

  • You get to know the latest special offers on the products
  • The possibility see our offer and compare products
  • Placing an order at any time of the day
  • You get to know the current prices and your conditions
  • Access to the database of photos and descriptions of products
  • You join the loyalty program
  • You have a chance to win prizes in cash or in-kind

We encourage you to read the privacy policy by entering here

Data protection is a matter of trust, and for us, the trust of customers and clients is of key importance. We encourage you to read the privacy policy by clicking here

General features of the online shop

After logging in, you can the history of all transactions made since 2015.

Your order status is visible next to your order after logging in to b2b

No, your online account contains all of your transaction history

No, unfortunately this is not an option.

If you cannot find the product you want, please contact customer service at 601 807 770 or 67 2660420 or by e-mail at kontakt@plastrol.pl

Marketing materials and technical specification

Such documents can be found on the website www.plastrol.pl in the section offer – products. Choose the product you are interested in – specifications and description are linked.

Marketing materials are available by logging into the b2b shop. The materials can be downloaded by visiting the product page or using the media search engine

A request for permission to use marketing materials should be sent using the form on the client portal

Returns and complaints

The product should be returned to Plastrol together with a complaint notification form which can be downloaded from the website by clicking this link

To check the status of your complaint/return, please contact the Complaint Department at reklamacje@plastrol.pl

The customer has the right to return slow moving products. The customer is entitled to return slow moving products for a maximum of 180 days. Before returning goods, the customer shall contact their customer service consultant.


For the first 3 deliveries, new customers can choose an option of prepayment or cash on delivery

If you are already a customer of Plastrol you have already established the form of payment, for new customers the first three deliveries are made on a prepaid or cash on delivery basis. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by using online payments method available on the B2B website

The invoice is sent by e-mail ( after signing the acceptance) or by post. For B2B customers, the invoice is available in the customer panel.

It is possible to pay by bank transfer after receiving a pro-forma invoice. For B2B customers, online payment is available after placing the order.

Shipping and regular delivery

Delivery of your order takes approximately 2-5 business days from the time your order is placed.

Orders are shipped by FedEx or Inpost courier companies for packages up to 30 kg, and EUR-pallets are shipped by Raben courier company.

For orders exceeding 600 PLN net after the agreed discount, shipping costs are payed by the supplier. Orders below this amount will be charged shipping costs of 17 PLN net.