We know plastics inside out

Tworzywa sztuczne
Tworzywo sztuczne

We have been dealing with plastic processing since 1983. We skillfully combine proven technologies with innovative solutions. We manufacture plastic products by injection moulding, both with tools designed by us and those provided by the customer.

Machinery resources for the future

Innovation and reliability in plastics processing

We have modern robots and an automated production line. We use modern IT systems to supervise the planning, production and product assembly processes (GOLEM, CMMS, ERP STREASOFT). Injection moulding machines are equipped with control systems allowing to control hydraulic cores and sequential injection. Injection moulding machines are equipped with thermostats for mould temperature stabilisation, central cooling system, heated channel regulators, peripherals, feeders, belt conveyors and plastic dryers. Adapting to current market needs, we are constantly improving our machinery resources. In 2016, we purchased machines and launched a line for moulding ducts.

Manufacturing process automation

The area of our injection moulding facility is more than 1800 m2 and it houses 30 state-of-the-art injection moulding machines (Arburg, Engel, Krausssmaffei, Demag) with clamping force from 25 to 650 tons. They are equipped with digital controls, modern three-axis robots and pickers. We have a tool room equipped with over 330 manufacturing tools.

Product quality is determined by the details. This is why we use technology that ensures the highest level of workmanship. Fully automated manufacturing and assembly processes ensure strict quality control at every stage of product development. For this purpose, we use IT systems such as GOLEM, CMMS, FORMS, ERP STREAMSOFT. They guarantee reproducibility of dimensions of our products.

Przetwórstwo maszyna

We maximise efficiency and protect the environment

We are constantly improving and developing the production methods, and we do this in a sustainable manner. We strive for perfection in the production of the smallest details and at the same time, we care about material efficiency. The plastic injection moulding technology we use reduces production time and costs and is the least invasive for the environment.

Production optimisation

Production using injection moulding machines requires optimum machine configuration – the training provided by machine manufacturers, combined with our experience, allows us to run the manufacturing process in the most efficient way.


Quality above all else

We carry out 24/7 quality control at every stage of manufacturing. We manage production using the KANBAN method. Our employees keep an eye on the manufacturing processes day and night: from the design to the finished product.

Kontrola jakości
Sprawdzanie jakości wyrobu

This is what is most important to us

Maintaining continuity of the production, assembly and delivery process

Ensuring production efficiency

Reducing energy consumption and emissions to a minimum

We are efficient in what we do

Efficiency is a vital aspect of monitoring the production process. We carry out performance analysis of individual operations and workstations.

Use of materials

Recycled plastic

Quality control returns

Storage and delivery

Warehouse - this is where it all begins and ends

Our warehouse is the logistics command centre. Thanks to the WMS IT system and many years of cooperation with logistics partners, we are able to effectively plan delivery dates. The implemented system allows precise location of finished products and raw materials in the warehouse, improves quantitative and assortment control of products, thanks to which we have current data on inventory and performed operations.


Always on time, always on schedule

We make sure that our partners, both in the country and abroad, receive their goods on time. We have our own transportation fleet and work closely with suppliers throughout Europe. The continuity of the supply chain is one of the key challenges of modern management in a global economy.

We have entered into numerous logistics agreements for procurement and joint forecasting and planning. Guaranteeing the success of these activities results in maintaining stable supply chains.

All processes developed ensure optimisation and almost immediate fulfilment of orders, from receipt of order to dispatch.

If you have any questions - contact the delivery department.

Diversity is our strength

We process plastics with different physical and chemical properties. Thanks to this we have almost unlimited possibilities, allowing us to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


A material that allows manufacturing elements and products that are characterised by manufacturing accuracy and stability of parameters regarding their shape and mechanics.


A material that allows manufacturing elements and semi-finished products that are particularly susceptible to the effects of atmospheric conditions, chemical substances or mechanical impact.


A recyclable material that allows manufacturing elements and products that are flexible, safe to use in contact with food and do not react with most chemicals.

Recykling maszyna


A recyclable, safe material. Due to its excellent chemical properties, it can be used to manufacture many everyday items.





Safe and recyclable plastic with broad industrial use. Used in, among others, the manufacture of toys, containers and packaging, and parts of kitchen equipment products.


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