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An advertising newspaper is one of the most effective forms of familiarising customers with Plastrol’s current offer. Printed copies of the newspaper are spread through a network of distributors. There is also a digital edition of the newspaper that can be viewed at

Thanks to this form of advertising it is very easy to get information about the promoted offer. In addition to the prices, the issue provides technical specifications of the products in an accessible way. What is important from the customer’s point of view, in both editions, apart from information on prices and technical data, there are high quality product photos, accurately reflecting the appearance of the offered items.

Promotional newspaper is issued monthly. Depending on the seasonality, you may find unique bargains in them. To make sure you don’t forget, it’s a good idea to use the newsletter. With this option, we will e-mail you the latest edition of the newspaper along with the latest prices. And that’s probably what this is all about.

In between deciding what to buy, you can solve the crossword puzzle. This speaks well for the company’s marketing department, which remembers that business is not the only thing people live for.

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