Not many people know that the plastic parts of their washing machines, fridges or freezers are made in Lotyń, at Plastrol. The company for years has been cooperating with giants such as Samsung or Bosch.

Walking through Plastrol’s production hall, it is hard to take your eyes off the modern machines producing plastic elements.

"These are containers for refrigerators, and these are control panels for washing machines."

Robert Kałuża, the company’s CEO and co-owner, says. Every few dozen seconds, another plastic object squeezed in a special mold appears on the belt.

"Today we meet all the highest standards."

he says proudly, adding that it all started with… clothes pegs.

Amica - the first big step

The company was founded by Julian Kałuża who started the production from clothes pegs. It was 1983. It all started in Lotyń, near Szczecinek, in an area known for the production of everything made of plastic. He could not complain about the lack of work. The one-man company was growing quite rapidly for the times of the socialist economy. Julian Kałuża would sell everything he produced. After the pegs it was time for the pots, and from the pots it was only a tiny step to the electrical installation boxes. In 1987, he began manufacturing for Amica. Plastic washers, nuts – everything went to Wronki.

"It was actually the first major contract in Plastrol's history,"

Robert Kałuża says. Then the company ventured into deeper and deeper waters, reaching for newer and newer technologies.

Robert Kałuża dyrektor naczelny Plastrol

Robert Kałuża

Customer precisely defined

More than 30 years have passed since then. The plant looks impressive. Dozens of top-quality Engel and Arburg injection moulding machines produce more than 4,000 product items of all kinds, from plugs to the aforementioned household appliances. Everything manufactured by the company from Lotyn can be found in the assortment of the largest electrical installation wholesalers in the country.

"Our products are hard to find at hardware stores. We focus on quality, which can be appreciated by customers with proper experience. That's why electrical wholesalers are our most important and the largest partner."

Przemysław Superson, chief sales officer at Plastrol, says.

Recognised by Samsung Electronics

The fact that Plastrol is a company committed to quality is confirmed by numerous certificates for the materials used in production and audits of the production process. A feather in the company’s cap is the Best Samsung Awards presented in March 2016 by Samsung Elctronics. The award is given to suppliers of the Korean giant as a confirmation of the highest quality of components supplied for the production of household appliances. Samsung is not the only partner of Plastrol Other large European and global companies also use Plastrol products. For example, Schneider Electrics, the electrical equipment manufacturing giant.

A fragment of what is produced at Plastrol

New ideas, new solutions

"Last year, a state-of-the-art production line for single-socket extension cords was launched at the plant. Extension cords are manufactured in three variants: from those used by an average Joe to extension cords used in industry. Plastrol's offer is constantly extended by new designs, new products and modern solutions. These include the modern LTS charger for cell phones and smartphones. It's a really unique solution."

Robert Kałuża says, adding that the company he manages currently employs 170 people, including high-class designers.

"We try to hire people from here, it's not uncommon to have a father and son working for us."

he adds with satisfaction

Company headquarters in Lotyń

People need to feel a connection

Because Plastrol attaches great importance to making sure that the company in Lotyń is well perceived, that people identify with it. “We have a policy of hiring people primarily from this region. Many of them learn their trade here and stay with us. We try to help the local community as much as we can. We get involved in all kinds of projects. Recently we have established a football academy for children, we have our own company team which became the Polish Champion of company branch teams” Robert Kałuża says, emphasising that today good relations with employees are the most important, especially if the company wants to develop all the time.

"The most crucial part of our development plan is diversity in production. We have some ideas that we will be implementing soon. These are really interesting and challenging projects."

Robert Kałuża assures.

And to think that it all started with… clothes pegs.