There is POWER in these extension cords!

Living in a block of flats or a detached house, we face all sorts of problems, which usually have one thing in common – renovations and repairs. Holidays are not only a time for leisure, but also a moment to thoroughly renovate your home, refresh your kitchen or bathroom, tinker with your car or indulge in your hobby. Even if we have no special skills we try to choose professional and practical tools, we love the electric ones the most. But what can you do to use them anywhere you want?

This is where Plastrol’s KEL brand comes to the rescue. They offer single socket and reel extension cords of the highest quality. It is known that quality must be followed by price, but as it turns out KEL offers its buyers an unexpectedly favorable ratio of price to quality. Depending on what you want to connect and what conditions you work in, KEL brand extension cords are divided into four lines: STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL, CRAFT and HEAVY DUTY.

We can start with STANDARD because there is a high probability that this line will secure your electricity in the way you expect. Extension cords of this line are perfect for any household and are extremely useful for do-it-yourselfers. The cable, which can have a span of up to 50 meters, allows you to move freely around the house or reach the farthest corners of the garden with an electrical device.

You can easily connect an electric grill, radio, small drill or electric saw to the reel of the STANDARD line. And you have plenty of room, as there are 4 grounded sockets, or a choice of schuko version. They are very safe – you don’t have to worry if you leave them plugged in. Each socket is equipped with a current hole cover, which guarantees safety even if children play nearby. This is ensured not only by STANDARD line, but also PROFESSIONAL, CRAFT. HEAVY DUTY line is on another level.

There is much more in common between these lines – just to mention that they all have a standard thermal switch, which in the case of overheating of the circuit simply cuts off the power supply. Each reel is also equipped with a rotating reel handle, reel rotation lock, or ergonomic handle.

Let’s go back to the unique features of the standard line for a moment. Interestingly, you can choose the colour of the cable from either the orange or black version. You may ask – why do I need such a choice if it doesn’t affect either quality or functionality? However, this allows you to customise the cable to be visible wherever you use it.

If you consider yourself a craftsman, the KEL Brand has prepared special solutions for people with a passion. The CRAFT line is adapted to handle drills, lamps, torches, soldering irons, wringers, circular saws and all the power tools that will allow you to create something special.

Standard reels are not good enough for you? How about the PROFESSIONAL line? This option is for more demanding customers who expect durability, increased resistance to abrasion, bending or deformation. More powerful drills, cutters or grinders pose no challenge to this extension cord.

And then there is the fourth line, uncompromising, for the real tough guys. HEAVY DUTY offers everything to handle even extreme conditions. These extension cords are perfect for construction or industrial use, and let’s face it – you can plug in anything that fits into a socket. They will handle anything the user wants.

Each HEAVY DUTY line reel extension cord features a metal, strong and reliable reel with non-rotating sockets. The sturdy ergonomic handle allows for comfortable carrying of the reel, and the sockets with flap and rubber seal provide a splash proof guarantee. A thermal switch will prevent the cord from overheating, and the rotating reel handle and rotation lock allow for precise unwinding and easy winding.

The line varies in colour and this time those colours matter.

The cables with black and red polarisation rubber are flexible and resistant to abrasion and bending. Whereas, the cables with yellow polarisation offer a wide temperature range and a thicker cable sheath with incredible insulation. Blue colour means: oil resistance, resistance to work in high and extremely low temperatures, resistance to oils, alkalis. Self-extinguishing cable resistant to abrasion and tearing.
With Heavy Duty products, nothing is impossible.

As you can see, the KEL brand is rich in its diversity and adaptation to the needs of its users. Whether in the comfort of your home, garden, garage, workshop, factory or construction site, there is something for everyone. And once you have chosen your extension cord we can assure you of one thing – you will be satisfied!