Companies are built by people. It is they who set goals, make decisions and perform their assigned tasks. It is they who build the company’s position through their commitment. A good team of employees is the most valuable asset.

Robert Kałuża

Robert Kałuża


Robert Kałuża is well-prepared to run the company as a graduate of a faculty of chemistry and recipient of knowledge passed on to him by his father, the founder of Plastrol. Over time, he also acquired skills in human resource management. He is the creator of the company’s growth strategy. Through years of work he gained an excellent understanding of the plastic processing and electrical equipment manufacturing market. Today, he uses his experience to seek new areas for building relationships and gaining contractors. Privately, he is sensitive to the beauty of words and nature; he is the founder of the well-known band “Lotyń”. He is also a big supporter of the company’s football team.

Julian Kałuża

Julian Kałuża


Founder of “Plastrol” in Lotyń. He built the company from the ground up, starting back when planned economy was still in place. He is an example of a man who has achieved success through ideas, courage and hard work. He began by manufacturing clothes pegs. As time went on, he started to receive increasingly demanding orders. In 1987, Plastrol received its first order from Amica, now a recognised brand on the domestic appliance market. Following years brought contracts with such giants as Samsung and Bosch.

Julian Kałuża believes that work is what allows us to realize ourselves, what makes our dreams come true and what brings us satisfaction through results. He always employed the small steps methods in managing the company. He chose development variants which guaranteed safe progress. If you do something, do it smartly and properly.

Jadwiga Kałuża

Jadwiga Kałuża


Together with her husband, she has been deciding about Plastrol’s investments, purchases and capital allocation since the very beginning. She is the brains of the company in the field of finance, and at the same time an extremely sensitive, emphatic, energetic and reliable person. She is passionate about taking care of the company’s exterior and the greenery surrounding its premises. She loves flowers and traveling. Her tremendous commitment cannot be overstated – she and her husband have worked their way from the difficult beginnings to a recognisable brand.

Sales Department

Competence builds relationships

Members of the sales department are able to perfectly recognise the needs of potential customers and offer them the best product. In this regard competences are the most important, so employees of this department are experts in their field who have extensive knowledge about the manufacturing process, product offer and plastics processing.

Our customers can count on quick and direct contact with members of the sales department, who are tasked not only with presenting the optimal offer, but also with giving advice and providing comprehensive information about the manufacturing process, storage, delivery times and payments. The sales department also includes our network of salespeople. Their task is to present the offer and the rules for building a mutual relationship. They also collect feedback related to order handling and product quality.


Manufacturing Department

Perfection is out middle name

Even the most sophisticated machines cannot guarantee the highest quality if there is no man to operate them. The manufacturing department includes the design department. It is here where the most important decisions affecting the final precision, quality and efficiency of manufacturing are made. The design department comprises engineers with extensive knowledge and skills in the field of plastic manufacturing. The same applies to those who work directly in manufacturing. These employees are trained to operate modern injection moulding machines and production lines and guarantee that orders are fulfilled in accordance with customers’ specifications. Smooth manufacturing is ensured by the department’s management team, comprising experienced personnel.


Quality determines diligence

Trust and control

We have been following this principle for years, operating under the assumption that even the best can make mistakes. At Plastrol, all departments are responsible for quality. The sales department identifies the exact needs of the customer, and the manufacturing department fulfills orders. However, the greatest responsibility is shouldered by employees of the quality control department. Much like in case of environmental protection, we have adopted very strict assessment criteria for controlling finished products. Every defect is immediately reported to the manufacturing department. This immediate feedback allows us to eliminate all irregularities on an ongoing basis.

Kontrola jakości

Warehousing Department


This chain cannot be broken

Logistics plays a very important part in the whole manufacturing process. Employees of this department are responsible not only for storing finished products and delivering them to customers. They are also tasked with supplying the plant with the necessary raw materials.

Their knowledge and experience allow them to plan the ordering and shipping processes in a way that ensures that all deadlines related to order handling are met. Members of the department use modern IT systems to effectively manage Plastrol’s logistics and ensure that the supply chain is uninterrupted. At the same time, over the years they have built relationships with transport company representatives. They perform the best, especially in crisis situations.

Magazyn Plastrol

Administration Department


Someone has to watch over all this

Accounting, human resources, occupational safety and health, office work… These are only some of the issues that employees of this department deal with on a daily basis. All administration employees make sure that other Plastrol employees can focus on their tasks. Analyses, figures, regulations, orders, communications, maintaining contacts – it is hard to manage any company without all this.

The department comprises excellent professionals. They are also precise, accurate, diligent and resourceful. Just like everyone else at Plastrol.