We take responsibility for the environment

We have a debt to pay to future generations. We must do everything we can to ensure that our planet can be enjoyed by generations to come.

We have done a lot and we will do even more

Plastrol’s management has always had a proactive policy with respect to waste management and manufacturing in a way that does not harm the environment. Awareness of climate change is especially motivating for us. We are now certain that this process can be stopped only through collective and large-scale action. After more than thirty years in business, we can say that we have done much to ensure that our manufacturing processes are environmentally safe. We are not stopping yet, however. We continue to invest in modern, safe technologies and manufacturing processes. We rely on renewable energy whenever we can. We educate our employees about everyday behaviours which can protect our environment and we support the local community in pro-environmental activities.

Our company is registered in the WEEE public register under number E0020882WZ and has delegated the obligations under the WEEE Act of 1 January 2016 to a WEEE recovery organisation: Tom Organizacja Odzysku.

No deviations from the norm

Our company is entered into the Register of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. We are authorised to recover waste, including hazardous waste. We are also authorised to store such waste until it can be handed over to specialised companies which hold the necessary permits for its transport, recycling or disposal.

All waste is accompanied by waste transfer notes. Waste management data is entered into the Product, Packaging and Waste Management Database (BDO). We have an up-to-date environmental impact assessment and an up-to-date fire protection plan. Our facilities meet the strict criteria for structures and other sites for waste collection, storage or processing.

We send air emission reports to the National Centre for Emissions Management on a regular basis.