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We have been involved in plastic processing since 1983

Our products are elements that form a well-functioning whole. Similarly, our company makes sure that all departments work with each other based on cooperation and exchange of experiences. The final effect is a product that has been manufactured and supplied according to customer’s requirements. By holding on to these values, we have built the position that is appreciated by our customers. Watch the video to find out how we work.

Experience brings confidence

Doświadczony pracownik dokonuje inspekcji maszyny

We have been operating on the market for 35 years now. During that time, manufacturing and management processes have seen drastic changes. We have never been afraid of something new. In fact, it has inspired us to take on further challenges. This meant that Plastrol constantly evolved. It has been transformed from a small local company to the leader in the processing of plastics and the manufacturing of electrical installation products. We are confident about our knowledge and capabilities.

Technology opens up new doors

Modern machinery and equipment – when combined with our employees’ skills – ensure a smooth and effective manufacturing process.

Technologically advanced injection machines, robots, automated production lines, tool depot – they all have a huge impact on optimising manufacturing costs and times, dictating production precision and quality.

New production lines allow us to keep expanding our production range. An example may be our production line for manufacturing extension cords for various uses. We manufacture using tools provided by the customer as well as using tools created in our in-house tool depot as required by the customer

Automation sets safety standards

Automated production is not only about time and quality, but also about minimising accidents. The health of our employees and their work comfort are of the utmost importance to us. With them in mind, we care about the highest safety and OHS standards in our entire plant.

Automatyzacja produkcji

When choosing machines and equipment for our new projects, we consider not only their efficiency and technological capacity, but also their trouble-free operation, which is very important to us. We benefit from the experience of the best manufacturers offering the safest solutions.

Plastrol is a renowned brand on the market

Every year, we participate in trade fairs to show our production potential.

Plastrol na targach

Future is challenging

We keep looking for new solutions and possibilities – both in terms of the processing of plastics and the manufacturing of electrical installation products. We are constantly investing in new equipment and technologies and seeking new areas of development. The KEL brand by Plastrol is the best example of this.

Meet our KEL line

The KEL brand covers equipment of the highest quality designed for users who value reliability, aesthetics, quality, and flawless operation. KEL is a line of various extension cords, sockets, adapters, torches, floodlights. They will be perfect for various working conditions, serving as ideal extra equipment for many workshops, studios, or construction sites.

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New jobs


New products


mln PLN Invested


Tonnes of plastics processed every year

The amount of plastics that we process is increasing every year. With this, we contribute to waste recycling and respect the environment.

People have the greatest potential

The Plastrol team includes the best employees in the industry. They combine passion, knowledge, and skills. They are constantly improving their qualifications and are eager to share their experiences with customers.

Advice, partnership, reliability

Our team stays in touch with the Customer at every production stage – starting from a price inquiry and production potential, and ending up with the shipment of the finished product. This is the core value that makes the Customer realise that he/she has chosen the right company. Our employees will offer advice and tips, find the optimal solution, and provide you with all information.

Współpraca z klientem

Cooperation with the Customer is an art

The way how we cooperate with the Customer results from decades-long experience. Both individual customers and global concerns for which we manufacture products appreciate this. Direct relations are as important as production management and quality control systems or timely deliveries. We strive to meet all requirements of the Customer every step of the way.

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